The Story

Many of us live in "checkerboard" cities - cities where safe and unsafe areas alternate seamlessly. Regrettably, the existence of a few high crime areas instills fear in a city's citizens, and keeps many citizens only in the regions they know. This limits a city economically, socially, and demographically, as many regions choose to keep to themselves.

As a city scales, so does the potential for crime, and we believe that in a beautiful city like Philadelphia, no one should feel unsafe. StrollSafe allows its Philly users to know where and when to be cautious utilizing previous location-based crime reports. Leveraging this data, users can open up to an entire city, rather than living in fear and terror. In the dire case where a user does feel unsafe in his/her city, s/he can click the "I Feel Unsafe" button to call an emergency contact or an Uber to become secure. Thus, the citizens of the city gain increased confidence in their ability to take a pleasant stroll through the city, making the city more vibrant.

The Product

StrollSafe is an Android application all about contextual maps. The application leverages EveryBlock and OpenDataPhilly data to overlay crime hotspots on top of a regular map, and as a result, features utilizing the additional context. A user enters his/her emergency contact and Uber info on first use in order to handle emergency situations, which are quickly and intuitively reported using the "I Feel Unsafe" button on the bottom of the map. Each region in Philly is classified under 3 colors - green, yellow, and red based on historical crime reports. Most of the map shows green, indicating safety in these regions. Upon entrance of a red or yellow region, the user immediately knows about the relative crime in his/her current location via push notifications.

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