Many times, we find ourselves trying to find the best of the best of our local area, but how can we know this information is up to date, and really from those who know their way around the area? That's where Stroll comes in. Stroll allows you to get the data you need, from those currently around, and fast.

Need to know what the best restaurant in town is? Make a stroll poll. Have to know where to find the best parties are around your campus? Make a stroll poll. Looking to figure out the opinions of a local band? Make a stroll poll!

This hack was inspired by the need of a simple way of getting information for your local area, and getting it quickly. It adds to the formulas of apps like Yik-Yak and Tinder in only interacting with users in a certain radius around you, but adds to it by allowing to ask everyone around questions, so that you can reliable, accurate information about your surroundings.

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