Nowadays people usually dont follow some doctors health recommendations, until problem becomes really serious. One of forms of ins, because micro insults appears only as a usual headache etc, so people just drug some kind of analgesics, and live trough. But the thing is, that if you will not have been attend the doctor about this problem, everything can end up really bad including the ischemic stroke and death.

So our solution of this is a complex of app and special bracelet. If bracelet detects some kind of unusual metrix from you puls or body temperature, you receive a notification on your smartphone, asking you to pass through some short questions, to ensure, that you are ok and this changes were not related to microinsult. After passing this test you will get approximate result, either you had stroke, or not. If it was a micro insult, you shouldn't worry, just try to visit doctor as soon as possible with your metrix before/during/after stroke, that you can get from our app.

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