Our idea started at MHacks 8 where, despite all odds, our members from University of Waterloo and Plainwell High School met and teamed up to create a simple, functional product that helped users find the safest route from one place in Detroit to another. Filled with bugs and weird performance issues, our team decided to continue the project and over 2 months, we finally developed our finished project -

What it does

By taking statistical crime data and mapping it into areas throughout Detroit, we provide users with a service that helps them find the safest walking path from one location in Detroit to another.

How we built it

Our application runs with the MEAN stack (but without angular cause we are MEN ;) ). Front-end is composed of HTML, CSS, Javascript, and a bit of Jade to make our lives easier. The back-end is supported with an Ubuntu server that is running node.js, express, and our mongoDB database. With a bit of PM2 magic, we keep our web app up and running!

Challenges we ran into

Communicating over long distance (between Waterloo and Kalamazoo) and aligning our schedules so that we are able to work on the project together as well as discuss ideas. 512mb of RAM was a huge pain the butt to work around as well.

What's next for

We definitely need to look for some optimizations in our path-determining algorithms. The run-time is too inconsistent depending on which locations the users pick. We also want to add a feature that helps user interpret and understand the data that we are working with - something that allows our users to break down the data and get to the crux of what they are looking at.

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