William Osman's video where he built a stroboscope, Also we very often find unlabeled motors that we need to find the speed of.

What it does

It uses the camera and dynamic framerates to act as a stroboscope. Traditional stroboscopes use human persistence of vision to measure the speed of cyclical motion, which limits use cases. On the other hand, ours uses a camera, and does not rely on persistence of vision, so it can measure more types of cyclical effects like fluorescent light flashing, for example.

How we built it

Swift, iOS

Challenges we ran into

The small sensor in the phone cannot take in much light at high shutter speeds. We also had some issues prioritizing certain gestures over others.

Accomplishments that we're proud of


What we learned

Using the camera in iOS, gestures, further explored concepts of shutter speed, and ISO

What's next for Strobr

Make photo quality better, explore possibility of cv so the phone could do more by itself.

Built With

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