The spread of coronavirus has forced many businesses and service providers to stop or reduce operations and lose all or a significant portion of their income.

On the other hand people who are forced to stay at home are desperately looking for alternative solutions and services for their needs. For example, students and parents are looking for alternative learning solutions, many impacted by the economy's slow down need financial guidance on saving, retirement, and wealth, and people combating social isolation need engagement in physical activities, entertainment, and connection with others with similar hobbies and interests.

The growing need for remote interactions amid the coronavirus pandemic has accelerated the adoption of video conferencing and live streaming platforms such as zoom.

I asked myself how I can use these platforms to help people working in the service providing jobs. There are 125 million people working in the service sector in the US alone and a lot more around the world.

I decided to focus on the ability of video and livestreaming platforms to expand the reach of expertise and services offered in this time of increased need.

What it does

Strmist is a central directory and search engine to help people find services provided via video meetings and livestreaming. Payment is integrated into the platform and service providers can easily monetize their video meetings and livestreamings.

How I built it

Over the last four days I built a prototype for the Strmist and launched it using bubble. Bubble is a web app building platform for rapid design and prototyping.

Challenges I ran into

The big challenge was to design a platform that offers help to a wide range of service providers but at the same time is simple to use.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I developed the first prototype in four days and implemented the core features of the platform.

What I learned

The more time I spent thinking about the solution and understanding the needs of people I want to serve, the more I realized the potential of this platform and new use cases where I can expand this offering to.

What's next for Strmist

First, I'll reach out to service providers and helping them get on board and start generating income through the platform.

Second, I'll partner with musicians and organizations at the forefront of fighting with coronavirus and those impacted by this pandemic to use Strmist for fundraising through virtual/livestreaming concerts. This is a feature that will be added to the website soon.

Built With

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