We want to make sure that everyone (regarding of gender or social-economic status) can be healthy when they want to be.

What it does

Strive has essentially two main features: (a) an avatar named Strivee, and (b) challenges.

Strivee is like a web 2.0 version of a Tamagotchi. In order to keep Strivee, you have to exercise. Strivee has four moods: sad, indifferent, satisfied, and elated. In order for you to keep Strivee happy, you will have to walk 1 mile per day. If Strivee is satisfied, and you walk 1 mile today, Strivee will become elated. If you missed the day, Strivee will become indifferent.

In addition to Strivee, the application offers three different types of challenges to help you maintain a healthy lifestyle. These three challenge types are: (a) daily, (b) monthly, and (c) leaderboard. Accomplish these challenges, and you will get specific rewards.

For example, rewards include:

  • $50 off New Seasons groceries for top 10 competitors for the monthly distance walked challenge
  • $5 off New Seasons groceries for 10 miles walked
  • Daily Challenges: Free Nike Dri-FIT Crew Socks

We hope that these awards will help encourage users to use the application daily as a means of maintaining their long term health.

Target Audience

You! As cheesy as it sounds, we want to make our application helpful to use for everyone.

How we built it

We have 2 collections: users, and challenges. Rest API on the backend to CRUD users and challenges. We have a main status page that retrieves the information for a user, and a page with all the available challenges.

Challenges we ran into

  • Technical challenges: team lacked anyone with adequate html experience.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Our avatar is great. It is oh so cute!
  • REST API works well.

What we learned

  • Should have dedicated more resources to creating our HTML page.

What's next for Strive

Mobile development. Improved user interface.

Additional features

  • Marketing: -- Special Onboarding Deal (to help with recurring)
  • 3rd party integrations for tracking -- Nike +, Fitbit, etc -- Strava
  • Auth0 (Facebook, Google)
  • Corporate Competition
  • Celebrity Challenges

Team Description

Backend: Beth, Bharathi, Kathyrn Design: Jessica Content and Presentation: Faduma, Katharine

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