There are many scary things in the world ranging from poisonous spiders to horrifying ghosts, but none of these things scare people more than the act of public speaking. Over 75% of humans suffer from a fear of public speaking but what if there was a way to tackle this problem? That's why we created Strive.

What it does

Strive is a mobile application that leverages voice recognition and AI technologies to provide instant actionable feedback in analyzing the voice delivery of a person's presentation. Once you have recorded your speech Strive will calculate various performance variables such as: voice clarity, filler word usage, voice speed, and voice volume. Once the performance variables have been calculated, Strive will then render your performance variables in an easy-to-read statistic dashboard, while also providing the user with a customized feedback page containing tips to improve their presentation skills. In the settings page, users will have the option to add custom filler words that they would like to avoid saying during their presentation. Users can also personalize their speech coach for a more motivational experience. On top of the in-app given analysis, Strive will also send their feedback results via text-message to the user, allowing them to share/forward an analysis easily.

How we built it

Utilizing the collaboration tool Figma we designed wireframes of our mobile app. We uses services such as Photoshop and Gimp to help customize every page for an intuitive user experience. To create the front-end of our app we used the game engine Unity. Within Unity we sculpt each app page and connect components to backend C# functions and services. We leveraged IBM Watson's speech toolkit in order to perform calculations of the performance variables and used stdlib's cloud function features for text messaging.

Challenges we ran into

Given our skillsets from technical backgrounds, one challenge we ran into was developing out a simplistic yet intuitive user interface that helps users navigate the various features within our app. By leveraging collaborative tools such as Figma and seeking inspiration from platforms such as Dribbble, we were able to collectively develop a design framework that best suited the needs of our target user.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Creating a fully functional mobile app while leveraging an unfamiliar technology stack to provide a simple application that people can use to start receiving actionable feedback on improving their public speaking skills. By building anyone can use our app to improve their public speaking skills and conquer their fear of public speaking.

What we learned

Over the course of the weekend one of the main things we learned was how to create an intuitive UI, and how important it is to understand the target user and their needs.

What's next for Strive - Your Personal AI Speech Trainer

  • Model voices of famous public speakers for a more realistic experience in giving personal feedback (using the Lyrebird API).
  • Ability to calculate more performance variables for a even better analysis and more detailed feedback

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