The inspiration for this project comes from issues that we noticed while working at various startups. We were surprised when we saw that they were no good applications that tried to accomplish the same things that were trying to get and so decided to do it ourselves.

What it does

Strive is a tournament-based crowdfunding site. It first works by collecting information from startups and similar organizations looking for an alternative source of funding. Once this is done, it groups them based on the tags that they selected to put the into a tournament style competition. Then, users vote for a particular company in a matchup using the built in donate button, and by doing so, updates the sliding bar along the bottom that shows which team is winning the current "battle". Users can also view company profiles and the overall tournament bracket by using the various navigational links around the site in order to get a better sense of what each one does. This process repeats until a winner is decided, who in turn takes home a majority of the pot. This enables the public to consolidate their funds into a single that is more likely to succeed given that this simulates the demand of an open market.

How I built it

Used a Capital One API, Node Express backend with an Angular & Bootstrap frontend.

Challenges I ran into

Front-end development

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Modeling the entire system, the initial brainstorm process

What I learned

As a group we learnt a lot more about Node.js, Bootstrap, and front-end development

What's next for Strive

Login interface, Cleaning up the UI and matchmaking system, implementing a cleaner database, and implementing a machine learning algorithm to check if users are abusing the system by voting for themselves.

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