Strive was founded on January 17, 2015 at MHacks V. Strive’s engineers gathered together that day and came up with the idea called Strive. The journey began with a plan to make an impact. Speeches and stories at MHacks as well as our team discussions led us to actively roam in search of something new, something genuine, but most importantly something that was needed in the real world. After hours of deliberation (it was 6 hours but felt like eternity) and bouncing ideas off each other, we came up with a thought to create an app to connect interested citizens to community organizations. Finally, the dust was cleared and we realized we had a mission statement that would be the core of our application. At Strive, we seek to rehabilitate, revitalize, and promote development in local communities by creating connections with concerned citizens, corporations, and institutions. Our ideal target user is you. Yes, YOU. Strive seeks to encourage and promote everyday citizens worldwide to go out and make a difference. We understand that individuals, while determined and resilient, may not be enough to make large changes and improvements in communities. We know that people in groups have much greater potential than individuals, and when they strive, they can change the world as we know it.

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