We weren't able to save our homework assignments without a big hassle to remember what the assignments were, or get them off blackboard, and copy them into google calendar or into our agendas, so we ended up creating an app to solve the issue. In addition, some conferences and competitions have paper copies of schedules, but they don't have an electronic version. This app will allow you to have an electronic version synced with your Google Calendar so keep you alerted.

What it does

It uses an OCR Scanner to take a picture of some text and converts it into a text file. We then analyze this text file to look for dates and a description of what occurs on that date and put it onto our google calendar.

How we built it

We looked at different APIs for OCR scanners and for Google Calendar and then we created our own algorithm to find the dates and sentences relating to them.

Challenges we ran into

Creating an algorithm to find dates in all formats, and then find the sentences relating to the date.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Finally getting the OCR scanner to work.

What we learned

We learned how top implement different APIs and how to create OCR scanner, parse strings into TreeMaps, and how hard the Google Calendar API is.

What's next for StringIT

To upload calendar onto Google Calendar and share the schedule with other people attending the same event.

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