Although Malaysia has closed its border for tourism, local government here encouraged "Cuti-Cuti Malaysia" which stands for visiting Malaysia states locally. Despite a lot of efforts have been poured out to help local tourism merchants, the tourism merchants are still suffering as a lot of tourism experience have to be carried out physically instead of digitally for best customer experience.

After interviewing with local Malaysians on their perspectives on local tourism, they are still afraid to travel as there are still citizens that don't obey social distancing rules especially happens while queueing. ( eg public transportation, restaurants dining, tourist attractions ).

Thus, "String" is born, in order to ensure safety which travelling by digital queueing to prevent the spread of COVID - 19

What it does

String is a digital queuing mobile application to encourage safety travelling during COVID 19 pandemic

It works with steps below :

  1. Tourism merchants pass QR-Code in order for customers to digital queue

  2. Tourists/Customers scan provided QR-Code

  3. They are able to wait/queue for their turn anywhere as long as they are within 1km in the destination. Thus, they can queue safely in less-crowded place such as inside the car

  4. Tourists/Customers will be notified when it's their turn.

It comes with few features for different parties

  • Merchants
  1. Merchants are able to have a digitalised analytics on their attraction peak time by analysing the time of people queueing

  2. Merchants are able to create promotion such as winning vouchers by answering questionnaire while the customers are waiting

  • Tourist
  1. Tourists are able to safely queue anywhere as long as the distance between them and the destination is below 1 KM.

  2. Tourist are able to enjoy recommendation of nearby local attractions

How I built it

We built "String" by using React Native technology in order to scale fast as we are able to build cross platforms apps in just a single code. Besides, we use Firebase as our backend technology for authentication and database services.

Challenges I ran into

Quite a lot of technical challenges ( Web sockets etc ) . However, those are solved by reading through documentation

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Able to deliver and submit for APEC Challenge 2020

What I learned

Frontend, backend technologies.

What's next for String

We hope that String can be validated for its usefulness in order to be rolled out for production usages

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