We're both runners and we've always struggled to find efficient ways to check our speed, time, or distance covered while we're on the move. Phones are too bulky and bounce around, but most running watches are too small to check without stopping to squint at the tiny screen.

What it does

Stride gives athletes a faster way to check workout statistics mid-run, without pausing to squint at a tiny watch. The breathable compression

How we built it

We used a knitting machine to create compression knit, which we combined with breathable fabric to create a glove fit for a forearm sleeve. Within the sleeve, we added pockets to hold the digital technology, as well as a small pocket for a key.

Challenges we ran into

Everything's gone pretty smoothly! Our biggest issues were probably just figuring out how to writing the code for the Arduino, since neither of us are expert coders.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Our teamwork!

What we learned

We learned a lot about combining both fabric and technology, and how you can get the two to work together. We also learned how to create breathable performance knits with a combination of knitting machine and laser cutter.

What's next for Stride

If we continue with this project, we would experiment with different textiles, and we would also work on expanding the code to offer further settings, and to allow athletes to customize their workout goals.

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