The daily commute to work is an everyday reality for a large number of Canadians. A shorter commute by distance with a higher volume of traffic may actually see you spending more time in the car than someone with more kilometres to commute but lower traffic volume. Traffic, Noisy construction sites and road blocks not just results in delay but causes too much stress. Our answer to this problem is STRESSMAP


STRESSMAP is a WebApp that has been built to map the emotional stress of individuals with their immediate neighbourhoods and thus help in strong corrective and preventive measures. The application builds on crowd sourcing data.


Downloaded data (Shape files) with City of Waterloo Open Data. We setup a Web template and integrated our application. The Shape files were processed in qgis open source gis application. The output was a leaflet application which was integrated with our WebApp. We made a Web Form for user input and have implemented machine learning supervised classification algorithms to update the mapping real time.


Finding open source tools to handle Shape files from Open Data portal. Building WebApp front end design features and coding the back-end functionalities. Qjis integration issues.


Attractive user interface, Excellent 3D visualisation of maps. Routing with special consideration to stress, Customisation as per user needs. Above all idea is very novel.


Working with maps, spatial analysis, working with City of Waterloo Open Data portal, Making 3D maps.

What Next?

Extend it to more cities. Make the application more robust.

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