As high school students planning to attend college next year, we have each experienced and witnessed a lot of stress. Stress can cause anxiety and decrease both mental and physical health. While counseling and interpersonal services can be used to help, some forms of stress mean that people don't want to interact with others and instead choose to deal with it themselves. Stressle is designed for just this - an interactive way to reduce stress and calm one's mind available at a click.

We were specifically inspired to create games in JavaScript by a workshop at Pearl Hacks, where a Google representative gave us our first lesson ever in JavaScript graphics. .

What it does

Stressle is a website containing JavaScript games, all based on bubbles. You can 'pop' bubbles, collect them, and perform other calming interactions. We provide a relaxing space where users can play stress-reducing games we've designed for them.

How I built it

We primarily used skills we’d learned at Pearl Hacks to code games in JavaScript through JS Bin using the open source Raphael library by Dmitry Baranovskiy and made use of Major League Hacking’s free domain services through Amazon Web Services to host this domain.

Challenges I ran into

  • Redesigning games in JS Bin so that they fit in the WordPress theme
  • understanding and implimenting information from the documentation for Raphael library in JavaScript

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

  • Linking Amazon Web Services to a registered domain
  • Registering a domain for something we ourselves made!

What I learned

It is surprisingly easy to set up a registered domain! I previously thought that hosting a website required lots of maintenance, but Amazon Web Services and documentation for the AWS dashboard made setting up quite simple.

What's next for Stressle

We hope to:

  • embed JavaScript games without JS Bin interface
  • version selection within one page
  • develop a music-related game (where music and gameplay/colors are paired to reduce stress through visual and audible means)
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