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One in Four Older Adults Report Anxiety or Depression Amid the COVID-19 Pandemic Source is our way of addressing that. Imagine a mood tracker, anxiety helper, and mood-boosting journal, all rolled into one.

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✔️ Features

💡 Uplifting notes and motivation


View our inspirational messages to keep your spirits up, and add your own at any time

🌞 Write your daily thoughts

Write down your thoughts and feelings each day

Each day take the time to write down what's on your mind in a safe environment

📈 Mood Tracking

Mood Tracking

Track your emotions over time to discover trends in your mental health and become aware in your own mind

☁️ Word Clouds

Auto generated Word Clouds

Automatically generate a cloud of your most common thoughts and feelings to get a better understanding of yourself

💪 Health Awareness

Mental health conditions

Find out more about common conditions that can affect your mental health

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  • Clone the repository
  • Open index.html in your browser

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Anna Tselikova Arlyn Miles Egor Tarasov




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