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🎓 Monika Bačkieriūtė Moni#1280 Beginner
🎓 Eidenis Kasperavičius Dusulys#2638 Advanced
🎓 Simonas Riauka ANANAS#6800 Beginner
🎓 Gintaras Stankevičius GSdcdc3117#8300 Beginner


The quarantine made us all feel very nervous. Unsurprisingly, in the initiation phase an idea was proposed to keep track of your potential stressful moments. After putting some more thoughts into this it our group really loved it and saw practical use in our everyday life. So we went with it.

What it does

"Stress-O-Meter" connects to your Google calendar and asks to fill a quiz to determine your stress level (Perceived Stress Scale test). By gathering this date, "Stress-O-Meter" provides a color coded calendar. The colors depends on your emotional health and the busyness of the day. The more red there is, the more stress will be felt that day. Using this calendar you can make predictions of your emotions and even prepare for it. However, this is not the only function of our app. "Stress-o-Meter" can also:

  • Give advises how to cope with your stress and reduce it
  • Let you chat with others that are having a way different day. In particular, if your day is stressed, a relaxed person will be recommended and vice versa, if you fell chill and happy, the app will suggest to brighten some stressed ones day
  • Provide a color schemed map, that show how stressful are your surroundings
    All in all, "Stress-O-Meter" can be your best friend. Or your worst nightmare, depends...

How we built it

To start of, we made a Trello board (link: to make organizing jobs better and for keeping track of our progress.
From technical point of view, we started by gathering information about stress in general and mapping some extra functions. While doing that, a design project was started as well. Then step by step our features were implemented. Firstly, Google API. Then came the calendar design, logo, quiz, calendar color coding.

Challenges we ran into

Bugs. Lots of bugs. Mostly we were stuck on Google API configuration errors, not being able to center some text vertically and the backgrounds not changing their color properly. However, with the power of teamwork, we managed to complete our project in time.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We made something that works, and that is one of our biggest accomplishments. As first years students in university, everything that works and looks not too dull, we are proud of.

What we learned

For some of us, this was a new begging and acquaintance with Javascript, HTML and CSS. For others, it was a great training and a way to further develop their skills. But no matter each members knowledge and skills, we learned that everyone can be productive in a programming project in some way or another. From raw programming to just writing this description :)

What's next for Stress-O-Meter

Well, we really focused to make a working calendar, so just decided to put prototypes of other functions to make a feeling of a polished project. As of chatting, we did not have time to commit to this feature. Our wishes hit a wall of time. Also, we wanted to integrate a map, which shows other users stress levels in an area or even whole world. We thought it would be interesting to see how other countries, continents deal with stress. It would end the debates of which country is the happiest for sure. However, this was too big of a thing to put into our schedule so we left it as we did with the chatroom. Only prototypes of these features can be accessed through our website. So naturally, to answer "What's next for "Stress-O-Meter"?" we will tell you "To fully implement chatting and map features."

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