We know a significant portion of people suffer from panic attacks and we wanted to come up with a useful, easy to use way to help them manage their panic attacks and hopefully determine a cause.

What it does

After a user has a panic attack, they open up the application on their iPhone and take a short survey that allows us to gather some information about their panic attack, with their consent of course. After gathering their data we store it and allow them to view aggregate data for each of our questions. This allows them to keep track of the similarities in their panic attacks and hopefully learn more about what causes them allowing them to hopefully determine a cause and ways to avoid those situations.

How we built it

Stress Less is built in two components, the iOS application and the web portal. Reiker Seiffe built the iOS entirely native using Research Kit and native Apple libraries. Michael, Maria and Will all worked on the web portal with Will and Maria working on design and frontend and Michael doing the database and backend. In addition we utilized Google charts for the data visualization. The frontend uses the Material Design Lite library for CSS and the backend uses the Laravel framework in order to implement various helper functions to increase the versatility of our application.

Challenges we ran into

There were some challenges integrating Research Kit and being able to send the data off to our web server. We also ran into some problems integrating our data with the Google Chart API. We also ran into a few issues while considering security. While we did not perfectly follow HIPPA guidelines, we tried our absolute hardest to follow as closely as possible within a weekend.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We're extremely proud to have been able to complete an application of this size in only a weekend. We also are really proud that we are able to correctly aggregate data and that it can provide meaningful insights into panic attacks.

What we learned

Reiker learned how to use Research Kit. We learned just how much work goes into creating any kind of medical application and why we have laws such as HIPPA to protect us.

What's next for Stress Less

In the future, we would like to offer anonymous data to doctors and medical professionals in a large scale aggregate manner in a way that might help them see how people in their area are dealing with panic attacks. We also want to implement many of the graphs into the iOS application. We would like to add additional data visualizations in the future

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