How did we start this idea?

Members of our team are/were all involved in scouting. We believe that the two organizations, AFS Intercultural Programs and World Organization of the Scout Movement, have similar goals in more ways than one! Through this proposal, we envision a joint community with the Scouting Movement, which will help us engage with youth and share intercultural learning to more people.

What does it do?

A cooperation agreement between WOSM and AFS will spread intercultural learning, cultural understanding, tolerance, and global competence among scouts, initially within the 2 million participants that get together during the 2020 Jamboree On The Internet (JOTI), the largest scout event in the world.

What challenges did we face?

We struggled finding the best optimal solution. We had various ideas, each branching out to promising aftereffects on the AFS community. Carefully, we sorted out what was already done, and what yet needs to be done. We combined ideas and ended up with this one solution proposal that we are confident in!

What's the next step after this?

We believe this proposal can go extra miles after this. It has the potential to impact more than 50 million scouts of the World Organization of the Scout Movement. It can be spread towards other Scouting Association such as WAGGGS with nearly 10 million girl scouts. It is a solution that could be developed in live sessions or at online meetings, allowing it to be applied both locally and globally.

Accomplishments we are proud of:

All six members of our team were collaborating. We threw our ideas right from the start and worked our way through the process. You can view our Mural, where we kept track of every idea we came up with, here: Team Scouts-AFSers Mural

Check out the details of our project by reading through our attached final submitted proposal paper! Click this Final Submitted Proposal Paper!

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