Street Vendors

To Do

Currently location of the vendor is set by the user choosing to click the button "update location" on the show page of the vendor. Need to Add - Make the ability to review the vendors - validation, only allow users to update the location if they are using the wechat browser - On load update the location - Send location data to database where algorithms figure out if the location is legitimate and if it is take all the recent locations and average into the location where the vendor will most likely be - Main interface will be list of vendor name and distance, with a search bar - After clicking on a vendor a map will open up, users can also use this to find vendors - Create api that allows other apps to query for street vendors - Add validation algorithm to determine if the review from the user is legitimate, if the user is using wechat. Ideas: the wechat browser allows us to obtain the user name of the wechat user


- there are a ton, work on adding features first.


Location is found through javascript (geolocation.js and geolocationindex.js) Geocoding into address and distance from is done with the gem Geocoder QR code is created with the gem rQRcode


Development: sqlite Production: postgresql

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