As we're both drivers, we often see reckless drivers, as well as people with hazards such as burnt out taillights or other difficult-to-notice issues. Using our app, we feel that we can solve the issue of a lack of communication between drivers on the road.

What it does

StreetTalk is a social media application in which users are identified by their US-issued license plate numbers. Because the combination of state and plate text is unique, this ensures no two users can be confused. The data for each user is public, encouraging users not to get a "bad rap" as it is easily visible by anyone with a browser and a keyboard. Through the StreetTalk mobile application, users can send messages (and can choose to remain anonymous or not) as well as viewing messages associated with their license plate. To discourage abuse of our messaging system, StreetTalk stores all senders' info and would take necessary action were a message to be reported for abuse. In the web app, users can view messages as well, and messages with key flags are identified as urgent to ensure the user does not miss them. These flags include time-sensitive keywords such as "taillight", "smoke", and "tow".

How we built it

StreetTalk was created using a SQL database, which is accessed both through an Android client as well as a Javascript-based web client (which is hosted here). This database is managed through NodeJS.

Challenges we ran into

One of the major difficulties with this project, as well as many other applications for driving, is ensuring that the driver is not distracted while using the application. We originally intended to include speech-to-text capabilities in our application, but upon further research we determined that it was safer to limit the application to passenger use only.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We were able to efficiently connect our Android app with our Node server and had the backbone of our program up and running far quicker than expected.

What we learned

We learned a lot of SQL and Node.JS as well as learning a lot of new application design possibilities.

What's next for StreetTalk: Opening the Roads to Communication

We could make the mobile UI more elegant and user friendly, as most of our work-time was spent on functionality rather than form.

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