The purpose of this project is to connect people who are passionate in the street art. We are trying to build an android app that allows a registered user to post the street art that they found on the street. They will also provide some information about the artwork. For instance, the author, the year it was painted, where it is located and etc. Since the locations are provided, our app will pin point all the artworks on a map to let different users from different location to view the artwork. Moreover, user can follows whoever user that they feel connected to. So they can view the artwork from all over the world which are posted by the users that they have followed. Ultimately, the app will also serve as a archive for these street arts since some of the arts might be illegal and might be removed, so it is very important to preserve them.



After the discussion, we decided to use the Flask and SQLalchemy to implement the API then deploy it using Heroku to host it on the internet and Google-cloud to host our database.


For the front-end, we decided to use the graddle, android emulator and android studio to design and implement our app

Required Python packages:

  • astroid==2.0.4
  • autopep8==1.4
  • Click==7.0
  • Flask==1.0.2
  • isort==4.3.4
  • itsdangerous==0.24
  • Jinja2==2.10
  • lazy-object-proxy==1.3.1
  • MarkupSafe==1.0
  • mccabe==0.6.1
  • psycopg2==2.7.5
  • psycopg2-binary==2.7.5
  • pycodestyle==2.4.0
  • pylint==2.1.1
  • six==1.11.0
  • SQLAlchemy==1.2.12
  • Werkzeug==0.14.1
  • wrapt==1.10.11
  • gunicorn==19.9.0
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