What it does

Street eye notifes users when reckless driving is detected near their current location. Hopefully making users more aware and more careful when this sort of situation arises.

How we built it

Part of the team focused on building the front end (app and website) in react and react-native, another part of the team build an admin panel and the node backend while another part build the vehicle and motion detection system.

Challenges we ran into

One of the mayor challenges we ran into was making the app a nice user experience. Figuring out how to best display the information to end users was a blast. Another challenge we ran into is the reckless driving detection. Altough we could teortically detect it, it was hard for us to find relevant data to fully test a robust solution.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Making a complete end to end system that actually acomplishes the goal.

What we learned

We learned small design decision at the beggining of a proyect can have great impact on the outcome. The slightest mistep might casuse the project to fail completeley.

What's next for StreetEye

We noticed that a reckless driving detection system can be exposed as an api for other systems to consume. Systems such as waze and google maps could use this api to provide users with more relevant information.

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