We're a group of penny-pinching university students who have unconventional waking hours. We know there are countless others that share our disposition - the Hong Kong population is some of the busiest, most overworked in the world. Naturally there is a big emphasis on maximizing and valuing one's time.

When we want to dine out at peak hours or late nights, we find that restaurants are often fully booked out or have ridiculous wait times. As a result, we end up spending infinite time while waiting on the line; end up paying much more than we originally intended at the next best alternative; worst of all, going back home irritated and hungry for the majority of the day. We thought to create a preorder & prepayment app that connects us with local food stalls, allowing us to reduce waiting time; simplify transaction process; discover new dining alternatives that we wouldn't have otherwise found out about. Of course, if the stall has a few seats free, you can choose to dine in as well.

Our IoT solution is tailor-made to suit the needs of street food vendors, optimizing their workflows and that of similar SMEs. We very much support operation of street food joints!

What it does

StreetBite the Android app allows rushed and tired Hong Kong locals to preorder and prepay for street food at their favorite stall, so that their order is piping hot and ready to pick up when they get there.

How I built it

A lot of brainstorming, teamwork, and not backing down from challenges. We built an Android app, which was backed up by a REST API that we built on DigitalOcean with Ubuntu using a Node.js stack. In addition, we also developed an IoT module to help street vendors serve their customers better.

Challenges I ran into

As at any hackathon, keeping to the strict 24-hour developing deadline without going completely insane.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Kenta - 24hr nonstop champ Arvind - dat hardware skill tho Prashanth - never giving up on NoSQL Jainam - perfect pitch powerpoints, manual labor, general intern role, coffee fetching Veronica - quasi-PM, manual labor, extreme typist, coffee chugging, sleeping under desk by Backend's feet #blessed

What I learned

WE (by WE we mean the three dev champs) work EXTREMELY WELL together. There was little to none to delegate/supervise/manage.

Jainam's powerpoint skills, following that FinTech class, are 11/10. Those gifs tho

What's next for StreetBite

We hope to collect more data, and add additional features such as ratings to increase our app's value to users. Keep both of your eyes out for marketable, scalable, secure StreetBite 2.0 in the 99%

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