The dangers of being in the unsafe public has raised concern. The app would help prevent and find safer routes for people who do not know the area or want to be aware of places to avoid.

What it does

It alerts the police and locals about dangerous areas, allows the user to report the attacker/ offender/ potential threat to the police, and it gives the user access to emergency hotlines. Location - allows you to identify where you are witnessing the crime, so the police and locals are alerted about suspicious behavior or dangerous areas Report - allows you to file a report on the criminal/ offender/ potential threats Information - allows the police to identify you to gather more information on the crime Quick Hotlines - provides other phone numbers for you to call when you can’t call the police, or you need more than just 911

How I built it

We used XCode to develop the app.

Challenges I ran into

Only one of our members had some prior experience with XCode, so we had trouble figuring out how to basically do everything. Also only two of our four member had a Mac, so it was just hard in general to get stuff done.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We’re very happy that we were able to learn how to use a new program and collaborate to make a functional app.

What I learned

We learned from a thousand youtube videos how to use XCode.

What's next for Street Smart

Reach out to police departments to get them connected and use this app to find areas that have potential dangers and prevent any crimes from occuring. Implementing a database to keep statistics and improve app functions. Add a setting to have multiple languages.

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