"I was walking down the streets of San Francisco when I saw some street performers. I was thinking about how they could make so much more money if they had a global platform instead of just people walking on the street."

What it does

Street Live helps you find awesome street performers and follow ones you may already know.

  • Follow performers and get notified when they start performing
  • Get notified of performers around you to check out new ones.
  • Donate to support your favorites

How we built it

  • html, css, and bootstrap for the visuals
  • JQuery for the frontend
  • php for the backend
  • firebase for the datasource

Challenges we ran into

  • Finding a way to stream data
  • Apache + compiling gprc

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Bringing something to market in 36 hours
  • Working with new people and combining skills
  • Prioritizing and knowing when to cut corners

What we learned

  • basic Firebase use
  • Apache + php is a pain in the butt, especially with gprc
  • JQuery is pretty good and easy to learn

What's next for Street Live

  • Badges for consistent following
  • Live streaming
  • Searching among different types and schedules
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