Across the globe, still there is not a smart system which can control street lights using maps. The idea of the project is to control street lights using a ArcGIS map. When the user clicks on a "street light point" on the map, the light of that streetlight automatically turns on.

What it does

It's a simple light controller which uses the power of ArcGIS maps and helps lighting streets.

How I built it

It's currently a simple prototype made using Arduino, PHP and ArcGIS JavaScript API.

Challenges I ran into

Building the IoT system was the biggest challenge!

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

This system in the future can be used by government to control streetlights on roads by just operating from a simple map. It would reduce costs of large control systems as there is not big system needed for this project.

What I learned

The most i leant was linking of a cool map into my IoT projects! Now i know how to link a IoT device to a map and map data!

What's next for Street Light Map: Controlling Street Lights using GIS

I'll try to make it into a product and release a kickstarter soon!

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