Ours is an offline screen sharing software which can stream a desktop screen to other devices connected to the same network. Since the software streams the desktop through http and rtsp protocol , it is platform independent and works across all platforms windows, linux, android , etc !

The inspiration behind the code was during one of my classes. My Data Structures class was taken in a huge conference hall and about 250 students attended the class four times a week.The problem was , the teacher typed the code for all programs and we were encouraged to type along with him on our laptops. But we were unable to see his code and hence found it very hard to follow his classes.

So I thought of an offline method of streaming my teacher's laptop screen to all our laptops. Basically , all of us connect to a common router and the teacher's laptop streams its screen to this router by the http and rtsp protocol. Using this we can all see the teacher's laptop screen streamed on our laptops.The students laptop's operating system doesn't matter here. Hence it provides a cheap,simple and effective solution and results in better learning. We even give an option to download the video stream of the lecture.

This concept and software can be extended to huge conferences where the infrastructure is not good enough. Can be applied even in product launches, workshops or music concerts.

peer to peer offline livestreaming of desktop. Platform independent.Also option to download the livestream.Can be used in huge conference halls or workshops

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