The StreamVR app (created entirely during this mobile jam) is a way to share the experience of watching 360 degree videos. As a developer working with an early 360Cam from Giroptic, I have been able to capture a lot of content in this unique format and show it on the Gear VR. People were amazed by the sense of presence, but the most common negative response was that it was too isolating. This app solves that by allowing multiple views to join a chat room while watching 360 videos that are hosting on A transparent halo can be toggled to show where everyone is looking.


  • Stream community 360 videos from
  • Download files for offline access
  • Create or join servers with up to 4 other people
  • Voice chat (hold the touchpad to talk)
  • See where everyone is looking with transparent halos that can be toggled
  • Play/Pause, Skip Forward/Backward, Restart from a simple radial menu
  • Name your server without a keyboard by choosing 3 words (over 700 combinations)
  • App runs at 60fps (*note that the videos were recorded at 2048x1024 @ 30fps)
  • Watch videos while downloading other ones
  • Menus slide to where you are looking when displayed (last played video slides to front)
  • Header menu buttons are located every 90 degrees, so you don't have to turn your head far


  • Look and tap is pretty much all you need to know
  • When connected to others, tap and hold to talk. If you hold for more than half a second, menu items will not be tapped when you release.
  • Active buttons highlight when hovered over, tap to activate
  • Clicking when no active element is selected will hide the menus and return to full screen video
  • There is small cursor to show where your are looking when menus are displayed (*note that because it is in 3D space, edges of objects don't always highlight when the cursor appears to be touching them)
  • When connected to others, there is a button to toggle their field of views.

Known Issues / Disclaimers

  • Streaming playback may pause or become choppy. The content is hosted on amazon web services, but we will be developing our own solution in the coming months for smoother playback. For best playback, download the files to your device.
  • When users connect, their FOV is hidden until you to toggle the "Hide Player Fields of View" button.
  • If you use the latest apple earbuds (and maybe other types with 3 rings), the Note disables the microphone because it thinks that the headphones have a mic, even if they do not and others won't be able to hear you when you try to talk.
  • Video quality resembles VHS more than the HD you are used to on your TV. The files are 2048x1024 @30fps and are played at that resolution, however because they are stretched over 360 degrees, the resolution looks blurry.
  • All content was recorded by myself (Mike Festa) with a developer version of the Giroptic 360cam, which has some issues that are still being addressed by the developers. For example, you may notice that the stitching isn't always perfect and objects are not always in clear focus.
  • For the duration of this contest and the life of this build of the app, the videos will remain the same. In the future, will host community uploaded content and therefore we cannot guarantee the quality, legality, or content rating of such videos.

Thank you for you interest, I hope that you enjoy this app! More features will be added as is developed and more videos will be coming soon.

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