Companies all over the world use Apple TV in their media rooms for conferences and meetings daily. Despite their entertainment capabilities, they lack cameras and the capabilities to easily add peripherals through the provided ports; forcing people to clumsily switch cables and systems if they want to do more than stream movies.

What it does

StreamTV provides an easy solution for video conferencing, using the power of Raspberry Pi, users can easily connect our solution to their AppleTV.

How I built it

We used for our realtime, bi-directional communication, and Node.js for a fast, versatile backend server.

Challenges I ran into

Our 3D printed Raspberry Pi cases had deformities from accelerated production. Since the product's tolerances did not match the original specifications, we were forced to sand down our prints to properly fit our Raspberry Pi.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

What I learned

We gained a new appreciation for streaming video in our everyday lives.

What's next for streamtv

Proper injection mould printing to mass produce Pi cases.

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