What does StreamThreads do?

StreamThreads is an interactive Twitch Extension that allows both you (the streamer) and your viewers to create and view discussion threads on your Twitch channel. These threads are shown in a “feed” similar to Hackernews or Reddit that is dynamically ranked based on when it was created and how many upvotes it has. Your and your viewers can also write comments in the threads, making for interesting and engaging discussions. Users can upvote and downvote threads so that popular content on a channel’s thread feed is ranked higher. There are multiple ways that you can sort the threads: by most/least popular, newest, or trending! The more upvotes that someone’s content receives, the higher their “score” is. Who doesn’t love internet points?

What can you use it for?

This extension allows you to engage with your community in a variety of new ways. 

Here are some examples of what you can use this for, but I can't wait to see what the community comes up with: 

Run contests (new logo, best clip, best joke, etc) and let the winners be decided by popular vote.

Create a place where your mods can put clips from your current stream in one place so people who join in part way through your stream can catch up on all your awesome plays.

As a viewer, ask the opinions of the other viewers about a particular game, ask for gear recommendations, discuss strategies, etc.

Who can use it?

Currently, the extension is only available for Twitch affiliates to install in their channels.

Once the extension is installed on your channel, anyone viewing the stream can read threads/comments as well as create them. There is also an upvote/downvote feature that helps more popular content get ranked higher in the extension feed. You have the ability to configure access control for posting and your mods will also be able to moderate threads.

How do I use it? Detailed instructions here: https://www.sengage.io/twitch-extensions

Can I use emotes in the threads?

No yet, maybe in the future! 

Where does it exist on the stream?

The extension is a panel that you can place anywhere under your stream.

Where can I learn more or install this?

Here: https://www.twitch.tv/ext/6m9q387smmtyvzmsxmexd7swr89lke-0.0.2

Where can I see an example of this being used?  https://www.sengage.io/twitch-extensions

How do I learn about updates to this extension? Updates will deploy automatically so long as the extension is installed on your page. I'll be updating the detail page with patch notes as I make changes.

Why did you build this?

I spent a lot of my childhood playing competitive video games like Halo 1/2/3, TF2, Gears of War and watching hours of video montages from pro players. I’ve been fascinated by Twitch from early on and have now started to work on Twitch extensions. One of the reasons I started creating extensions was to help improve the interaction between broadcasters and their audiences and between the viewers in the audience themselves. I wanted to create a medium that would allow for deeper discussion than just the often chaos filled chat room that is present in most large streams. It is often hard to track a single discussion while presently watching a stream. Additionally, new people who join the stream often have no context on what happened before they joined! I wanted to give the broadcaster’s community a place to discuss relevant topics without having to leave Twitch, allow people to use Twitch features like emotes and bits, and gamify the experience at the same time! 

Future considerations I’m actively developing this extension and currently building in ways for broadcasters to monetize through this extension. I am also open to suggestions based on criticism and feedback! My contact info is on the extension page.

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