Imagine that you’re in your room watching a hilarious YouTube video on your laptop. You realize halfway through that you need to go to the kitchen to check the cookies baking in the oven. What do you do? Pause the video, walk to the kitchen, check if the cookies are done, then come back having to rewind the video to get back into the flow. What if you didn’t have to pause your video?

What it does

Allows you to stream videos continuously through different devices. With StreamON, instead of pausing your video, you can tell Alexa to put the video to your phone so you can continue watching in the kitchen as you check on those cookies. Or you can tell Alexa to put the video to the TV to watch it on a bigger screen.


From the beginner we wanted to choose technology that we had little knowledge on. Our team is accomplished in our own niches and we saw starterhacks as a way to expand our knowledge into different domains that sounded interesting. This led us down a path of creating a chrome extension powered by an AWS EC2 instance using the Amazon Echo Show. Along the way we faced a lot of challenges with our technology choices, we started with trying to setup websockets using serverless functions on AWS with the dream of using the google mini home as well as the Amazon Echo Show to control viewing videos on different devices all at once. Learning some of the API's and frameworks were a bit challenging so we were only able to complete functionality for the Amazon Echo Show.

What we learned

To work productively as a team through a variety of conditions to create a valuable product. We learnt how to pick up new technologies quickly with the tools provided and effectively deployed our apps for testing and validation.

What's next for StreamON

Building more functionalities such as adding the ability to change devices using more streaming services such as Netflix, Crave, and HBO. Let us know if you would love to see more of this :)

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