The inspiration was basically the ease of use of Agora's UIkit for non-front end developers. I thought could that be done for data scientists and python developers as well.

What it does

Streamlit Agora is a Streamlit component that allows for a simple drop-in video conferences in Streamlit applications. Anyone with Streamlit knowledge can add video conferencing with one line of code and an Agora app ID.

How we built it

This component was built with both python and React with typescript. I used react and typescript for the front end components with Base UI for the styling. Python was used for connecting Streamlit and the frontend for a working component.

Challenges we ran into

  • I am not very familiar with typescript and had to do a bit of learning to get the project in a working fashion.

  • I had also overscoped the project and had ideas of adding a complete backend using Appwrite. I had to put those plans on the back burner to hit the deadline.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

I'm proud of getting a Streamlit component complete and working. I'm proud that I have this as a package anyone can install from pypi and use in their applications.

What we learned

  • I learned how to build Streamlit components
  • I learned how to use Agora's UI kit
  • I learned a little bit of typescript

What's next for Streamlit Agora

I have the following features planned for Streamlit Agora:

  • Add options on the python side so that developers can have more control over their Streamlit calls.
  • Add more themes so that the component can be customised to a developers liking.

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