With all the new video streaming services being released, the simple act of finding a show you wanted to watch has become a tedious chore. I wanted to create something that would help easily decide what streaming platforms you want to subscribe to based on the shows you want to watch.

What it does

Provides the platforms that each show or movie can be found on, and then analyzes the streaming platforms that would most effectively allow you to watch them.

How I built it

Full stack development in Swift using UTelly API.

Challenges I ran into

The API that I wanted to use (GuideBox) contained a more comprehensive selection of localized streaming platforms, but I did not receive access permission during the time frame. Also sleep deprivation!

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I am pleased with how the UI turned out, as well as the scalability of the platform.

What I learned

  • Streamlining UI
  • Optimizing the cost of API calls

What's next for StreamLine

I am planning to phase out UTelly and transition StreamLine to GuideBox in order to provide a more comprehensive database of streaming services. I will also be implementing a more sophisticated algorithm to better calculate the financially optimal way of watching all your favorite shows.

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