We saw that during streams, many people want to see instant highlights right after a moment happens. Or they would like to just view the highlights of a stream but sometimes that isn't always available. This hack solves that problem.

We focused on twitch chat for this hack. Our metric for a highlight was seeing the density of chat comments per second. We maintained a moving average of the density of comments and if the chat exploded in comments, we would start recording. Once the chat died down, we would end the recording, add 8-7 seconds of footage before the highlight started and about 5 seconds of footage after the highlight ended and that would be a highlight.

We made a small web app to compliment this. The user can type in the address of a channel they are interested in, it will start looking at the stream to see if there is a highlight. If there is one, it will record it, and then make it available as a download.

We tried this for Twitch, but it can be extended to be used for any live stream.

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