We've often wanted to do a Ctrl + F on a video or multiple videos and jump to the time in video based on a text query which matches the audio content in video.

What it does

Our hackathon entry is solution that uses Redis to enable searching in a video for specific content.

How we built it

We used Redis Streams and Redis Search. Video was split into chunks using ffmpeg and stored in a redis stream. Subtitle of video was ingested into Redis search. Searching for a specific string based on audio content would result in video player jumping in to that specific time in the video where the specific text was spoken of in audio stream.


  • Hearing impaired assistance
  • Show ads on topic/subject in video - no manual insertion
  • Live sports (player info during commentary)
  • Interactive video streams (Netflix's bandersnatch like stuff)
  • Movie flashback
  • Learning/training/DIY
  • Meeting notes - jump to specific point

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