What it does

We created a app suite that has multiple features:

  • a facebook api integration that doesn't currently exist in the streamdeck ecosystem
  • a seamless google maps integration with stream deck hotkeys
  • an alarm system that eclipses the lifeAlert system we have today
  • a direct calling line to any stored contacts you may have and lastly...
  • an egg plugin

We also made a separate raffle checker for all our raffle tickets

How we built it

We built our plugins using html, javascript, and css and incorporated it within the streamdeck sdk.

Challenges we ran into

Before we could even start writing the code for the streamdeck plugin, we had to look at the existing codebase and understand how everything works. As a team of mostly beginner hackers still learning their first programming language, now jumping into a brand new one, it was an extremely difficult challenge.

Aside from learning the language and getting to know the existing codebase, we ran into more challenges as we had to navigate the various apis that we would incorporate into our plugins. One of the hardest ones was the facebook authentication. Due to api changes from the data leaks, half of the services on facebook were deprecated without any notice on the documentation page. In addition to this, facebook makes you jump through several hoops to get to the action you want and end up exhausting api calls fairly quickly.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Since we're mostly new hackers, we've learned alot about javascript but also the more professional enterprise code ecosystem and how to read code. We've also learned a great deal about understandinng documentation online.

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