Streaming programming can be annoying. I want people to be able to follow the terminal and multiple files that are currently being edited simultaniously.

What it does

It is a cli tool that can be initialized in a project directory to watch files.

Still have to think about how it will know about which terminals to stream.

Will focus on files first.

How I built it

It will be a ruby gem for CLI and a Ruby on Rails server for the web app. I still have to figure out what to use for streaming.

Challenges I ran into

Modyfing an existing open source codebase. Visual Studio Code Extension development.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Having finished a minimal prototype.

What I learned

Building on top of open source projects is a good idea.

What's next for StreamCode

Bugfixing and refactoring. Feature freeze until Every. Single. Bug. is fixed.

Built With

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