Too often I would run into the issue of running out of storage space to store music on my phone. As a self-professed audiophile, I love owning music in high quality so Spotify or Apple Music wouldn't cut it. I was disappointed with the existing products to play music from cloud storage services. So, I decided to make my own.

What it does

Streams your music stored on Dropbox in its original quality.

How I built it

Starting with the Dropbox API, I worked on the login flow, navigating the user's Dropbox, and importing songs. Developing the recursive algorithm for importing songs from a folder was by far the trickiest part of the project (so far). From there, song playback was added as well as playlists. After that came bug fixing and displaying song ID3 tags and overall UI improvements.

Challenges I ran into

Working with the Dropbox API (documentation is very limited).

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Becoming accustomed to working with the Dropbox API. And needless to say, shipping my first app!

What I learned

Even the simplest-looking applications have a ton of work put into them.

What's next for Streambox

Improving the stability, optimizing the algorithm for downloading songs, adding song queues, UI improvements, integration with the user's music library stored on their phone, integrating other cloud based storage platforms, and much more.

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