What IS StreamBit?

StreamBit is a centralized education and support platform for mental health and self-care related livestreams. We were inspired by the current lack of interactive and compiled resources on mental health education for the general population, especially that of social resources because current live sharing communities often tend to be toxic and mentally taxing to remain a part of. With StreamBit, our platform comes with a whole set of services to facilitate user experience, including live streaming capability and group support anonymous messaging as well to share the love and improve everyone's mental health!

What it does; features include

-livestreaming functionality for all users, connect to server and connect with OBS studio!
-watch others livestreaming, learn elements of mindfulness and self-care together!
-anonymous messaging for those who are in a really dark place and would like support from the community!
-a really sweet UI packed with exciting animations that lift one's mood :)

How we built it

We utilized rtmp servers, node, and OBS studio to create a streaming experience for the user, our back-end server as well as our database was developed utilizing firebase. The entire front-end of the software was designed with React, and we utilized many node modules to benefit both our coding performance and expierience. The UI portion was build with React animations as well as SCSS/CSS.

Challenges we ran into

Our lack of experience in working with all of these languages made our coding experience more difficult. We were also tasked with a shorter time window, with having to find new group members due to the non-physical nature of the hackathon. Communication was of vital importance as communicating virtually required the team to meet up at a specified tim to truly collaborate on the project. The server-side application of the software was another hurdle that we had face, using firebase we had to attempt to communicate with our servers and the firebase servers.

What we learned, accomplishments that we're proud of

We learned how to communicate between firebase servers and nodejs servers, we also learned how to connect OBS studio to a node server to have a locally hosted streaming portion of the app. We learned to collaborate in a tight time schedule whilst working around international timezones. We also learned a more in-depth understanding between React and the back-end components of web development.

What's next for StreamBit

Our plan for the future is to expand on the educational aspect and provide a better educational service to students who either suffer from severe mental health issues or cannot physically interact with schooling whether it be due to a environmental, physical, or mental issues. We hope to be build a fully scalable web application that will eventually be used in tandem with the educational system to bring students a superior learning service.

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