STFH. Share The F*king Hack. Like RTFM, it’s some emotion so intense that you can’t hold in your chest: you wanna share your work as well as your creation process. If you are doing this so right and good, why not let people watch? If someone’s building next Linux or Cydia, why not watch the creation process? It’s new sexy acronym for hackers. Shout “STFH”. STFH today.

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Open source is all about sharing. Codes, ideas and issues are easily shared, but the actual creation process is not. Nothing is well built for this scenario. Now we have this solution, just install a plugin then bam, you got a link to share with anyone on internet. With the link people can watch you hack in real time. There’s live stream from your webcam, there’s real time anchor move, types, selections, and there’s file explorer and git repo available side by side, right in web browser.

What it does

Live streaming on steroids, designed by hackers and for hackers.

Examine uncommitted changes in the repository as they appear on the streamer’s machine. ...

P2P streaming of camera video. …

Lossless streaming of the editor window. Near-zero latency and crystal clear fonts. ... Reviewing other people hacking on the go.

Everything accomplished right in Atom. Hackable and customizable.

Live audience count

How we built it

Atom Plug-in:

Web Frontend: Vue based.

Back-End: Node.js + TypeScript + Heroku etc

Challenges we ran into

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Three separate modules developed in parallel, working in unison.

What we learned

Tons of details of webrtc & atom-plugin & some live video tech hacks.

What's next for STFH: Stream the F* Hack

Integrate with other protocols/services, etc

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