The Story of One Hug

The trust prompt really helped me spark new ideas and made me think about how extensions can improve trust between multiple streaming communities specifically through cross-community engagement. Talking to mars about virality made me realize that twitch community could be creating virality together. Sometimes it's hard to find other streamers that stream content similar to yours. But just meeting another stream isn't enough. A sincere hug is what you need to break the ice. I wanted to create an extension that triggered cross-community engagement that enables a viewer to influence both streams while live. I believe cross-community engagement is an unexplored medium within twitch extensions. Stream hugs is my best attempt to explore this use case.

What is Stream Hugs?

Stream Hugs is the best way for you to engage your viewers to help organically grow your streaming network. We use a recommendation system that finds similar live streamers to hug. Viewers can choose certain streamers to hugs. If a hug total is successfully reached then a Hug alert will be triggered live on both streamers live stream! This creates a fund bond and the streamers channel will be shown within chat and in the extension for both communities to connect.

It's hard to meet other like-minded streamers. We need more trust within our community. Use Stream hugs to engage your viewers in helping you connect with similar streamers! Stream Hugs lets your viewers interact with your stream

Recommendation system uses category, streamer maturity and chat message data to make educated recommendation guesses. We want family-friendly streams to be correctly paired with other families friendly streams. Only other streamers that are live will be seen in the recommendations. Streamers can set preferences to make sure they are matched with only streamers that they want to be matched with.

Similar live streamers will get recommended to your viewers through the extension. Simultaneously, your stream will also get recommended to other channels/viewers may choose to hug a streamer via hugs or bits. If the max goal of unique hugs is reached on both channels. Using our browser source overlay your hug will play a sound and cool animation showing that have been hugged by Example's community! Hugged twitch channel communities will appear within the extension for the other community to see and connect with each other easier.

Stream hugs is an automated way for you to get your viewers to help you grow your network with other streamers!

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