Project Title: Stratos

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An android app made on Flutter, Backend made on Django and GraphQL, Portals made on HTML, CSS, Javascript


1.Health- Our app will use an AI Tensorflow model as a personal trainer of the user to guide the user about the correct exercise poses while he is doing exercises just by turning on his camera in the absence of any actual physical trainer. We will also provide a period tracker in our app for female users.

  1. Emergency services- Our app will have an emergency health prompt feature for the user which he can use in case of any health emergency and the trainers will be available to answer any kind of queries or prescriptions.


During the lockdown, most of us became unhealthy by sitting in front of screens for long hours so we thought of building something which could help in improving the health of users while they exercise just being at their homes with their camera on. We are going to build an app that will use an AI model (Tensorflow model) to determine if a user is doing a specified exercise correctly based on their body alignment. The app will have a dedicated server for trainers who will be available in case any user prompts for emergency help when not feeling fit about his body or has any queries. The app will also have additional features like a period tracker for women users along with daily fitness analysis based on the daily workout routine of the user.


Here is our approach : The user will log in to the flutter app and after passing credentials, he will be pushed to the home screen where a large calendar will be displayed that will reflect all the statistics about the user like his active days, fitness goals, exercise schedule, period tracking days for women, etc. On clicking the exercise tab, he will get a choice to choose exercise type (upper body, cardio, etc). After choosing the exercise our AI model (Tensorflow Lite model) will get activated and will track all his activities and it will also tell him if he is doing it right or wrong and will also correct him during the session. After the session, his activity data will be uploaded to the backend where he can see his statistics and mentioned in pt 1. On clicking the health tab, the user will get an option to give a health test by answering questions or by chatting with health trainers, from here the trainers can track if the user is fully fit or not and it also helps in covid tracking (if the user fails a test, prompt will be shown on health server.) On clicking the emergency button the user’s location will be instantly passed to the police services server from which they can track who and where needs urgent help We will be using the Django framework to create a backend that will handle authentication and user databases like BMI index, health status, profile, emergency requests.

Tech Stack(Python, GUI)

Flutter (android app), Django (backend), Firebase (hosting), GraphQL (API), Python, Dart, HTML, CSS, JavaScript (Website portals)

What's next for Untitled

We will be introducing more AI/ML models for fitness training and we will be talking to doctors and pediatricians for health tests. Also, we will improve GUI

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