Scrolling through 2D sites for NFTs leaves you bleary eyed and simply does not showcase the gravitas of a NFT.

What if browsing NFTs could feel posh, like you're in an upscale museum? But, what if you still want to retain the purchase mechanism and metadata, that could look obtrusive. Simply use a virtual smartphone (when you want to) to augment metadata and tap to buy!

What it does

Currently, loads NFTs on sale from Stratisphere API. You can load the latest or search for a term using the virtual smartphone. Shop for NFTs by walking around virtually! (Or if you aren't in shopping mode, simply browse and leave your virtual smartphone off)

How we built it

  • Stratisphere API
  • Unity
  • Visual Studio / C#
  • using asset store models and my own 3D models (indie dev)
  • WebGL/iOS/Android/Mac/Windows

Challenges we ran into

  • crossdomain issues on stratisphere api, so mirrored it

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Boiled down a complex last minute project down to a polished working MVP.

What we learned

  • Everything about Stratis and CRS! (New as of yesterday!)
  • Test nodes vs live nodes
  • FreeCameraOrbit with <1 sensitivity turns into pseudo parallax

What's next for

It's built in Unity, so it's super cross-platform... WebGL and Mac/Windows builds are linked below.

  • Awaiting iOS Testflight approval.
  • Awaiting Google Play approval.

Upcoming Features

  • NFT Guided Tours with NavMesh waypoints
  • Interactive Gallery map on Virtual SmartPhone
  • AI concierge characters, similar to my or hacks
  • Working Elevators... (if you read my github repo...)
  • Load from a wallet address
  • Authenticate from a wallet address using Wallet Link or safe QR code (not using seed code)
  • Mini-Metaverse... Leave imprints of your NFTs in another user's gallery as graffiti!
  • Annotate and leave discussions on the NFT - similar to my app
  • Replace famous paintings in RL with your NFT! - similar to my ArtScan app
  • Add stuff to the end wall shelves
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