We all know that we have still have some years left to save our planet, before we reach the Line of No Return. We are continuously harming the planet in different ways; "Waste"-it is one of the main villains which is pilling up at a great pace. The main reason for the same is that people from all over the world are not segregating their waste and dumping it all together. We decided to make a Web Application so that the people can leverage the power of deep-learning to segregate their waste correctly.

What it does

The Web Application takes input from the user in the form of an image of the waste, which is then evaluated by the Trained Model and it provides us the output in the form of category under which the image falls into.

How we built it

We had 6 categories in the dataset used. We trained dataset using VGG16 Transfer Learning technique of CNN for classification.Afterwards, we trained this model till 10 epochs and i got 70.87% accuracy

Challenges we ran into

The main issue we encountered was to send the image from the form page to model and then back to the result page.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud that we were able to complete the project within the stipulated time limit. We are also proud of us because we were able to provide our help in our saving our Planet.

What's next for Stratify

For now, the app only has waste sorting as the basic function. We plan to add Checking of Air Composition and providing advises accordingly to improve it.

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