We want software engineering and product development teams to run at algorithm speed.

  • We want to be efficient. We want to free our creative minds from updating, checking and correcting data so that we can get on with solving interesting problems.
  • We want to be able to trust the status of our reports without having to waste time tediously sifting through data.
  • We want information when we need it.
  • We want to be able to do this with ease, without changing our processes.

This is the inspiration behind stratejos.

What it does

Stratejos assists project managers, product managers and teams with running better releases and projects. It does this through:

  • A Helper Bot: It follows best practice, alerts the team to risks and follows things up to make sure they get done.
  • Advanced Analytics: Highlighting areas of inaccuracy and making predictions through knowledge of projects with the help of the bot.
  • Intelligence Engine: The engine understands how teams want to work.

Stratejos is designed to work alongside your favourite add-ons (e.g. Tempo, JIRA Portfolio)

How we built it

We prototyped stratejos as a set of web services that communicated with the JIRA REST API. Once we began understanding our users, we developed the JIRA Cloud integration. The Cloud integration was then used to inform the JIRA Server integration.

We use a microservices architecture. For example, we have services for data collection, visualisation (reports & dashboards), intelligence and authentication.

Challenges I ran into

There were challenges:

  1. Developing smart algorithms due to the limited amount of data available for software projects and the holes in the data that was available.
  2. Designing new visualisations and user experiences to fit with the AUI guidelines. We’re rapidly prototyping many of the visualisations outside of the AUI and then we will gradually roll them into the JIRA interface once they become more polished.
  3. Designing something that can work with both JIRA Server and JIRA Cloud as well as other parts of the Atlassian suite.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

  1. The most exciting moment was receiving the first email from stratejos telling me one of my tasks was overdue.
  2. Viewing an advanced project dashboard that showed me the risks and missing information alongside the effort, cost and timeline of the project. In the past, to get this deep level of understanding I would have had to speak with several people.
  3. Receiving my first HipChat message telling me I didn't have enough to do in an upcoming sprint.

What I learned

Many organisations are running JIRA Cloud and many are running JIRA Server with access to the wider internet. However, larger organisations are running everything behind the firewall. If you want your plugin to be widely accepted within enterprise then you need to account for this at the beginning.

What's next for stratejos

The roadmap for stratejos:

  1. Stratejos for HipChat is pending review in the Marketplace.
  2. More assistance, insights and analytics for sprints (e.g. helping with priorities).
  3. Integrate some of our machine learning models and algorithms into production.
  4. Integrate with BitBucket to ingest and analyse source code to provide even better assistance.
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