We wanted to simplify the Greek management system and provide a unique experience, there is no platform currently that allows this.

What it does

It takes advantage of many platforms to provide users a place to collaborate, communicate on goals (GPA requirements), assignments, and other resources. Admins may manage their users to collect dues, calculate GPA and keep track of other statistics.

How we built it

The team was divided into specific tasks: App, API, and Website. We worked together to help each other solve similar problems that occurred during the cross-platform development process.

Challenges we ran into

App navigation, deleting the entire server by mistake

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Learning new things, full-stack, robust API, working cross-platform mobile app that loads content dynamically

What we learned

ReactNative, full-stack web development

What's next for Strategos

Building features and finding investors, polishing the app and website

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