There are lots of cool games for desktop out there, but few games that needs one to be a critical thinker. So we thought of simple games that we could develop. We realized that why cant we develop the simple games that we used to back in school.

What it does

Strategic Board Games consists of two player abstract strategy games. The Games are closely related to "Tic Tac Toe".

Game objective First player to get three checkers in a row (horizontal, vertical or diagonal line) is the winner.

How to play

  1. Players begin with 3 checker pieces each.
  2. Players take turns to place their checker pieces onto the board until all checker pieces have been played (unless the first player wins).
  3. After all the checker pieces have been player, players may move one of their checkers to an adjacent unoccupied space on the board.
  4. Play continues until one player achieves three checkers in a row or a stalemate is declared when one player cannot move their checkers or a position is repeated three times.

How we built it

Visual studio

Challenges we ran into

Working In a Team, has it’s own challenges. Developing the Game AI which we have developed Touch screens computers

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We've made what we dreamt of one day We made an app that we comes in handy in a daily basis form office to home for two players

What we learned

Working with touch in Visual studio Developing simple AI for Game Development

What's next for Strategic Board Games

Add more games Update the game for player to play with computer Add features to user Custom

Built With

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