Most of the small organisations cannot afford a premium task manager platform for them. So, we intended to build a lightweight bot that can by used by any department inside an organisation and it keeps the track of all the tasks with their statuses assigned by managers to their respective subordinates.

What it does

Managers assign tasks to any employee and the employee gets suitably notified. Employees can close the task if it is completed or can check the complete details of the task through the bot.

How we built it

We built is using AWS Lex, Lambda and Slack API. However we needed keep track of all the information. So, we built our own restful API using PHP Slim and Laravel with a MySQL Database.

Challenges we ran into

Most of the bots does not store any kind of data. They interact with the user and acts like a mediator between two sources of information. Also, they only respond the user who is in the conversation. So, we successfully cracked these two challenges by making a restful API and using Slack API. Stratbot stores and also sends message out of conversation. eg. When a manager assigns a task, the manager gets a suitable confirmation message but Employee also gets notified with a prompt.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud that we are helping startups and other small organisations by making this. Most of the tools in market are for Software Development Management which can only be used by Technical teams but as said above, Stratbot is not bound to any specific department.

What we learned

We have already worked on AWS Lambda and EC2 Servers but working on the newly launched service AWS Lex was a great experience. We learned about how to use Conversation APIs.

What's next for StratBot

Stratbot is used currently in our own slack team only. We are planning to make it available for public and also to embed Machine Learning in our bot, so that managers can get notified which employee is doing what kind of task quickly and effectively. We are happy that we are creating a bot to boost the productivity of small organizations.

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