We are on a decentralized mission to recognize & reward street artists and performers using Ethereum blockchain technology to offer a successful busking in not just setting the stage, performing, and impressing the crowd enough to incentivize the performers and augment a reputation ecosystem. Additionally, decentralized validators track the contributions and establish a reinforced consensus. Underprivileged and unrecognized Street artists across the world would have a platform to share their patented creativity through viewers or themselves. We aim cryptocurrencies contributing to tip jars for a societal cause.

What it does

platform for street artists to get rewarded for their creativity, NGOs/grants can use this platform for underprivileged artists to distribute food, clothes or other welfare. Street artists own copyright with their UID associated and get paid in ETH from donators anywhere across the world.

How I built it

Front end using : Angular JS, Vue JS, ionic framework, android , Toshi Storing files using: , storjify (extension of storj which we built) Smart contracts : Solidity

Challenges I ran into

seamless interoperability issues were initially encountered in digital asset transfer through QR code, fortunately the environment issues and android build became successful after almost couple of hours troubleshooting. additionally Storj API engineers helped in resolving the server requests for identity service establishment of headless client using Toshi was challenging and we werent able to complete the Identity service but managed to create/publish strassemusik chatbot app

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

creating an extension of storj which can be industrialized for global event management including ETHDenver, street performance, Graffiti, conferences

What I learned

Collaboration, team effort, contribution to society/social responsibility ease of use storj api, Toshi app

What's next for

Prepare roadmap of's using IPFS, uPort Global launch plan for street artists (priority in Berlin, Tokyo and New York) including marketing and communication Establishing relationship with NPO/NGOs (like UN, Amnesty) and local county/Govt Grants

Built With

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